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Herbal medicine

Noreen a has her herbal medicine clinic within a half a mile of Bantry. Here she carries out her consultations and has her herbal dispensary where she mixes up bespoke remedies for each individual patient.

Thrive in winter with a herbal tonic to boost energy and immunity.

  • Using Western herbal remedies to bring the body back in balance. Useful to support the body in times of stress, physical, mental or emotional.
  • Helps to treat the root of diseases rather than just the symptoms.
  • Herbal medicine is a safe treatment, no potentially poisonous herbs are used, and can be used in conjunction with most medications.
  • Each person is evaluated as an individual by the herbalist, who records and analyses current presenting symptoms in relation to the person's complete medical history in order to understand the underlying causes and contributing factors that have made the patient seek help.
  • Then lifestyle and diet advice is given along with herbal remedies if appropriate to address whatever imbalance the person is presenting with. Herbal remedies include infusions(teas), which can be taken internally or used externally in the form of a bath, alcohol and vinegar tinctures, syrups, herbal powders, herbal oils creams and ointments. The type of herbal remedy will depend on the condition being treated and the type of person being treated.

  • Herbal medicine can treat many diseases and conditions as it strengthens the body and it's systems to overcome imbalance:
  • Immune system- stress, lack of exercise, poor diet, poor digestion and poor weather are just a few factors which decrease immune function. The world of herbs is replete with immune enhancers that perform their work in a variety of ways.

  • Reproductive health- As much of herbal tradition was women looking after women there are many herbal allies to the female reproductive system. Herbs can help return balance the hormonal system, ease menstrual problems and menopausal symptoms and improve overall reproductive health. Herbs also help with male reproductive health such as supporting the prostate.

  • Digestive health- As your digestive system is your primary pathway of elimination if isn't performing the other body systems are under more pressure, they are not receiving adequate nutrients and wastes aren't removed optimally. Digestive complaints such as constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and heartburn can all respond well to diet and lifestyle changes and herbal remedies. Each case is very individual and needs a specific remedy for example constipation may be due to a bowel that is too tense or too relaxed these would both need opposite treatments. The great thing about herbal remedies is that they tone the digestive system so after a treatment it can function very healthily by itself. You don't need to rely on the herbs for a bowel movement or for symptom relief forever.

  • The Respiratory system- is vulnerable to airborne irritatation and infection as it is open to the atmosphere via the nose and mouth. It also functions as a pathway of elimination of toxins. The herbal approach respiratory health is firstly prevention through diet, lifestyle and herbs boost immunity and resistance to infections and keep the respiratory system relaxed and open.

  • Circulatory system -Herbs as well as a healthy diet and lifestyle can keep your heart and blood vessels strong and healthy and prevent or stop the progress of cardiovascular disease. Hawthorn berry which grows so abundantly here in Ireland is a well known heart tonic. Alterative herbs can 'clean the blood' and tonic herbs which are rich in iron such as Yellow Dock, Rumex crispus, can build the blood. Common conditions such as high blood pressure and varicose veins can be improved with herbal remedies and lifestyle changes.

  • Musculoskeletal system- herbs can nourish this system to keep the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments strong and healthy to prevent illness or recovery from injury. For inflammatory conditions such as arthritis cleansing (alterative) herbs may be used to get to the root of the problem and soothing herbs used to heal any damage caused by inflammation. The immune system may be addressed if it is an auto-immune condition. 

  • Skin- Like the bowels, kidneys and lungs the skin is another pathway of elimination. If the other systems aren't performing it can show up on the skin. Healthy skin acts as a barrier keeping infections out of the body so is a vital part of our immune system. the whole system needs to be considered when addressing skin problems as there can be many different roots to them. Luckily there are a wide variety of herbs that reliably treat skin conditions such as eczema and ulcers.

  • Urinary system- this is another pathway of elimination and is very important in removing toxins. Kidney tonic herbs nourish the kidneys and support them in their function of elimination and of maintaining the correct acid/alkali balance in the body. Herbs can soothe an irritated bladder and antimicrobial herbs can prevent infection. Herbs are very useful at strengthening the bladder and preventing or reversing incontinence.

  • Nervous system- this is made up of the brain, spinal cord, the peripheral nerves and autonomic nervous system. It is responsible for executing physical actions and registering sensations, while at the same time it is the tool we use both to experience and express all our thoughts and emotions. Too much stress either physcial, mental or emotional will exhaust this system(as well as the adrenals in the hormonal system). Tension, anxiety and insomnia can easily happen to a person who is exhausted or in a stressful situation. Herbal nerve tonics are rich in nutrients and support the nerves in time of stress. A herbal group called adaptogens help the body adapt to stress. These are very suitable for people who train hard or work hard. There are also herbs that are very calming and relaxing without making you feel groggy. These relaxing herbs can be used alongside relaxation techniques and the learning of skills to deal with stress to help you overcome insomnia and anxiety.

  • As you may see all the systems are interconnected and are all dependent on each other. Therefore it is best to take the holistic whole body view of the person. Generally the mind and emotions are also viewed as part of health or dis-ease in this holistic model. Therefore with herbal medicine we will look at the whole person and treat with lifestyle changes, diet and herbal remedies.


Noreen provides Iridology as part of an assessment in her Herbal medicine and Physical therapy clinic in Bantry. Noreen takes a picture of your eyes and looks at them on her laptop. Iridology looks at the iris of the eye, which is as unique as your fingerprint, to see the strengths and constitution of the person. 

  • Iridology will show the primary nutritional needs of the body.
  • What parts of organs or systems have a tendency to over-reactivity and inflammation or sluggishness and stagnation.
  • Iridology can show if stress is being held in the body.
  • Iridology can show exhaustion.
  • Overall iridology shows your potential.
  • Iridology can help indicate what diet or herbs would suit your digestive system.
  • If you notice in the photo above the 2 eyes can have different patterns even when from the same person. Different organs and emotional tendencies are represented in the two eyes.

Iridology and a detailed health consultation helps to give an individual treatment with diet and lifestyle advice and herbal remedies if needed. Iridology does not diagnose diseases. Iridology helps to show what tendencies, both physical and emotional, you have inherited, and through questioning and observing I can see if they are affecting your current health. I generally work with your strengths to overcome health problems.


Noreen provides sensible and practical nutritional advice in her Herbal medicine and Physical therapy clinic in Bantry. Noreen with her scientific background doesn't believe food myths or fads. Noreen believes we should learn from what has traditionally worked for us nutritionally as well as takeing any useful modern research inot consideration.

Nutrition is the foundation of health. No other therapies will be of benefit if you are not nourished. I have a wide knowledge and experience of raw living foods. Juicing and smoothie making is an easy way to get a lot of vitamins, mineral, enzymes and anti-oxidants into your system. I also encourage sprouting of pulses and nuts. This allows access to fresh food year round at a low cost and very high nutrition. Sprouts have all the energy and nutrition to grow the whole plant. Sprouts are full of minerals, vitamins, even vitamin C and are a rich source of protein and are full of enzymes. Sprouts are easily digestable and packed full of nutrients so they are a great addition to any diet.

I also find traditional cooking methods of slow cooking and fermentation very beneficial. Above all I recommend a wholefood diet. Each client I see is unique and has different dietary requirements depending on their constitution and what is going on in their life. Some clients will have digestive problems such as malabsorption that I can address with herbal remedies. Herbal remedies work very well to return healthy function to the digestive system. Once the digestion is working much more nutrients will be absorbed and assimilated. I also make nourishing infusions (teas) and nourishing herbal powders for clients who require extra nutrition due to serious health problems or who are drained for various reasons.