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About Noreen


  • BSc. honours, in Zoology through Earth Science in UCC.
  • Licentiate in Herbal Medicine from The Irish School of Herbal Medicine.
  • National Qualification in Neuromuscular and Physical therapy from the NTC.
  • National Qualification in Orthopaedic Sports massage from the NTC.
  • Diploma in Holistic massage with Anatomy and Physiology from ITEC.
  • 200hour Herbal Medicine nature wisdom training from Julia Graves and Matthew Wood.
  • 200hour hatha flow yoga teaching diploma accredited by Yoga Alliance from EkhartYoga.
  • Yin Yoga teacher training with Josh Summers.
  • 60 hour yoga and mindfulness teacher training with Sarah Powers.
  • Certificate in Infant Massage Instruction from the International Association of infant massage.
  • Masters Degree in the USUI System of Reiki from Teresa Collins.
  • Diploma in Massage and Pregnancy from APNT through Wellmother.
  • Certificate in Indian Head Massage from Mary O Dowd.
  • Certificate in Ancient Hawaiian Heartworks Lomi Lomi and healing principles from Celtic Kahuna.
  • Certificate in Ear Candling from Anne Ryan.
  • Certificate in the Therapeutic Use of Mindfulness from IICP.
  • Yoga Tune Up Ball Technique Certificate
  • Teacher renewal training with Jason Crandell
  • 200hour Somatic Education Coach training

My clinic is based in beautiful Bantry, West Cork. The window in my therapy room has stunning views over Bantry bay, Whiddy island and the Caha mountains.

My treatment involves me being totally present with the client and I always have the intention to help the clients to find health and balance. Over 16 years of my practise I have many happy and healthy clients. As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals.

I pride myself on supplying a professional service. I am a member of The Complementary Therapists association and the Association of Physical and Neuromuscular therapists.

Growing up in beautiful Bantry I developed a close relationship with nature. The power of nature has always impressed me. Studying Earth Science and specializing in Zoology in University deepened the wonder and respect I had for nature. Anatomy and physiology which was a large part of my course in UCC fascinated me. The body and it's functions are so complex and yet so perfect. It is amazing that we can even stand up. For years scientists and engineers have beeen trying to create robots that can walk like humans with very little success. Throughout all my courses in bodywork and herbal medicine I deepened my understanding of this complex subject and I continue to deepen my knowledge still by studying an advanced course in Anatomy and Physiology with American Herbalist and Licensed Massage Therapist Tammi Sweet. I have completed a fantastic online anatomy course for yoga with Amy Matthews and Leslie Kaminoff. I have also been lucky enough to take a workshop in Dublin with Amy Matthews who is a real anatomy and movement expert. I have also studied anatomy with Paul Grilley when he came to London. I try to marry together all the knowledge from these great teachers and bring it to my students and clients in Bantry.

I fell into massage by accident in my first year in UCC I saw a free course in Aromatherapy in the City. When I attended it I was told straight away to start massaging, before I could even think I was massaging. Through this course I discovered I had a natural talent for massage and my friends and family benefited greatly. On finishing my degree I decided to train professionally and once qualified I began to work as a therapist immediately. I began in a clinic in Bantry town. I have since studied physical therapy and many other forms of bodywork and reiki which enable me to adapt each treatment to the client.

Through my work as a neuromuscular therapist I noticed people were suffering from many other health issues which they just accepted and had to suffer on with. I knew there had to be a better way for these people and luckily I found a herbal medicine course that took into consideration the whole person. I spent four years travelling up and down to Portlaiose studying herbal medicine, iridology and nutrition in the Irish School of Herbal Medicine with the inspiring teacher Helen Begadon. David Christopher, son of John Christopher one of the most renowned herbalists in America in the last century also lectured to us about herbal medicine. We were lucky to have many great lectures, from Helen, other Irish herbalists, and international herbalists. I learned herbal medicine in the Master Herbalist tradition. Basically it is learning through an apprenticeship, where the Master, in this case Helen passes on her wisdom. Master herbalists have a very holistic view of healing with treat the whole person, not just their disease. Much of this teaching was very practical in nature. A large part of the course was working in the clinic with real patients and working in the dispensary where we made up the herbal remedies. We also travelled to the herbal medicine company ABOCA in Tuscany, Italy to see how they grow herbs and make them into herbal medicine on a commercial scale. In the same area there was also a herbal museum.

I also spent three weeks in rural France on an intensive herbal course with renowned American Herbalist, Matthew Wood and German herbalist Julia Graves. These three weeks were rich in experience of plants, herbs and of assessing patients through pulse, face and tongue diagnosis and understanding patients from an energetic point of view. I also got to meet other herbalists from all around the world who all had lots of personal knowledge of herbs and health to share.

I love to cook and eat wholesome tasty food. I love gardening and produce a lot of my own vegetables, fruit and herbs and I also enjoy the beauty of flower gardening and luckily many pretty flowers are used in herbal medicine such as Marigold, Rose and Evening Primrose to name a few. Another big passion of mine is yoga which I have practised for over 15 years and I just can't praise yoga enough. One of my many great teachers is Esther Ekhart. She has great videos with clear yoga instruction and many are free. I highly recommend that you check her sites out or even better if you are a beginner start a class in your locality. I am running regular classes in the Bantry Boys Club, please check out for more details.